Coalition Launch Press Release



(March 18, 2018, Queens, NY) This Sunday, March 18th at 3:00pm, at Immigrant Movement International (Corona), the Queens Anti-Gentrification Project, Coalition to Defend Corona, Anakbayan New York, and Migrante New York, held a public meeting to announce the launch of a new coalition that will combat gentrification and push for community control of city planning.

As a result of the recent explosion of high end development in west Queens, and considering the historical expansion of such development at the expense of working class people, rents are rising along the 7 train and working class neighborhoods are facing the threat of displacement. Several major projects have been proposed, such as the massive complex on 82nd St in Jackson Heights, several privatization projects in Corona, and the massive Long Island City rezoning, Flushing rezoning, BQX, and Sunnyside Yard development.

Much of this development is dictated by the Mayor’s office, Department of City Planning, and EDC, using a top-down process which is heavily influenced by the real estate industry, ignoring the needs of the city’s current residents. All “community engagement” meetigs are merely cosmetic and have no concrete bearing on the planning process. It is clear that the 7 train is seen as a major target for luxury development, and the formation of our coalition is a direct response.

The 7 Train Coalition aims to create a space for democratic, bottom-up discussion. Ultimately, we want to come together as working class communities along the 7 train to create development plans for ourselves - rejecting all proposals originating from the city administration, and aiming to break the cycle of rezoning, upzoning and privatization forced upon us. We plan to launch several committees - each covering one community board district - with the explicit task of crafting implementable city development plans. At the same time, the coalition will advocate for policy changes around several relevant issues facing our communities, ie: landlord harassment of tenants, police harassment of immigrants and black youth, public housing neglect, rent regulation, etc.


Queens Anti-Gentrification Project
All-volunteer political organization made up of neighbors fighting gentrification and displacement in Woodside, Jackson Heights, Sunnyside, and all of Queens. Our ultimate goal is local and democratic control of land use and city planning.

Coalition to Defend Corona
Coalition to Defend Corona is an anti-gentrification organization formed with an aim to unite the working class community of Corona against displacement. We do not endorse any politicians and will not be bought out by capitalism. We seek to build with and support groups who serve the people, at the heart of their organizing.

Anakbayan New York
Anakbayan is a comprehensive National Democratic mass organization and that aims to build unity among Filipino youth of all backgrounds — young workers, students, peasants/farmers, professionals, women, migrants, Filipino-Americans, etc. — to stand for the basic rights and welfare of Filipinos at home and abroad.

Migrante New York
New York chapter of the largest organization of Filipino overseas workers, advocating for the rights of Filipino migrants all over the world.

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